Popper Box

Public Art ––
Fisher Street Car Park



A clean, green car park:
bringing nature back to our community.

Cabramatta is known for a lot of things. Overcoming negative media coverage in the 1990's, it has become a hub of commercial success over the past few decades; the main setting of two major Australian feature films and the cultivator of many individual talents. Whilst Cabramatta may be renowned for its cultural migrant background and its strong focus on education, it is not known for its conscious contribution in nurturing its own ecology and its push for environmental awareness.

With this in mind, Fisher Street Carpark has been designed with the idea of bringing nature back to the community - encouraging locals to return to their roots and rediscover the serenity of living in an environment that allows us to appreciate beauty in a quieter space.

Based on the car park's location, our design concept for the Fisher Street Car Park features the Koi fish as a symbol of longevity, love and friendship. Large Koi fish outlines adorn the car park's exterior, presented by alternating wooden battens along the outer façade. The use of natural materials is a highly intentional inclusion to fortify the ecological message as well as maintain the integrity of the project's core objective. The Koi fish has cultural significance in Asia and central Europe and is relevant because of the link between Cabramatta's large migrant community and the Koi fish's natural resilience and ability to survive and adapt to many climates and water conditions.

The use of Blackbutt wood adds warmth to the concrete interior and heralds the beginning of life, springtime buds, spirituality and fecundity. Encased by this natural shell, the car park is sympathetic to the surrounding environment and works in harmony with the giant fig tree retained at the top corner of the car park. The battens create playful and ever-changing shadows across the interior spaces. The façade allows the ventilation of air and sun to flow through the car park in the day.

Finally, the Fisher Street Car Park is a message of hope for the future of Cabramatta. A known fact is that Koi fish can live for centuries. One famous scarlet Koi, named "Hanako" was reportedly 226 years old upon her death. In designing this car park with an ecological message, we hope that the community embraces this sentiment and grows to love the environment in which they live for many years to come.

Together, we will share this place.